5 Types of Friends You Will Encounter in High School


Bhargavi Pochi

Throughout your four years in high school, you are bound to find a best friend who will unconditionally care for you.

Bhargavi Pochi, Staff Writer

Throughout your high school years, you become aware of the fact that friends will come and go. With all of these people entering and exiting your life, you are bound to encounter some unique personalities. Here is a list of the five types of friends you will most likely meet during these four years!

1. The Brutus- This personality type dates way back to the time of Julius Ceasar. The story basically states that Ceasar, the Roman emperor in 49 B.C., was literally stabbed in the back by a man named Brutus, his close friend. You will, at one time or another, stumble upon someone like Brutus. This temporary companion will act like your best friend, but will progressively become manipulative and then all of a sudden start trash-talking and spreading rumors about you. Most likely, this “friend” is someone who knows all of your secrets and talks to everyone in school. Friends like this are toxic and are best kept at a comfortable distance.

“I’m running for freshman Vice President and I have a friend who said she was going to vote for me. Then, I found out from another friend that she didn’t and that she was talking bad about me,” freshman Nardali Huet said.

2. The Leech– This friend is constantly stuck to your side. Like a leech, he or she slowly sucks the life out of you, and is a notorious freeloader. This type of person will be there everywhere you go, even if they aren’t invited. Just a tip, pour a little salt on them, and, “poof,” they’ll disappear.

3. The Bear Grylls– This person is one-of-a-kind. They will push you outside of your comfort zone, and force you to do things you never even thought of doing. This friend will teach you how to live life to the fullest while also introduce you to new things. It’s always good to have an adventurous companion. You are sure to make unforgettable memories with a “Bear Grylls.”

4. The Influenza– Similar to the “Bear Grylls,” the “Influenza” will persuade you to do things you would otherwise not do, but is actually a bad influence. Though you will make lots of memories with this contagious personality, many of them will be regretful. But hey, high school is all about learning!

“Last year I had a friend that put me down a lot, and made me feel bad about myself. She was just a negative influence,” sophomore Francesca Galliano said.

5. The Best Friend– This is the one friend that sticks by your side throughout most of your high school years, and hopefully for years to come. This person has got your back, and is a great support system. A “Best Friend” will do anything for you, and always makes you feel like you’re wanted. This is the best type of personality you’ll encounter, and he or she will make your high school years a little less dreadful. Once you graduate, it will be hard to leave a “Best Friend” behind, but since he or she is such a great friend, the relationship will not dwindle.

High school is a time for discovery and meeting new people. You will encounter a few unique characters, but this is all part of growing up; meeting different personalities will help you better function in the real world.