De-Stress the Mind


Evan Opland

Senior China Opland clearing her mind while doing yoga.

Sofia Bratt, Staff Writer

The first quarter of the school year can be quite hectic and stressful. Dealing with homework, grades, tests and extracurricular activities leaves your brain spinning out of control. Even though time is precious when it comes to completing schoolwork, it’s also healthy to spend at least an hour of your day relaxing. Below are some suggestions on how and where to de-stress in Miami after a tiresome day.

Yummy Yoga: One activity that will truly make you zone out and loosen up is yoga. Yoga is a healthy hobby that helps clear the mind, as well as deal with depression and anxiety. Several studios in Miami offer yoga classes, but the obvious question is: ‘Which one is the cheapest?’ Fortunately, Jugo Fresh juice bar, a deliciously quick spot to eat around Wynwood Walls, offers complimentary yoga classes every third Wednesday of the month at 6:15 p.m. If you enjoy refreshing smoothies, savory treats and yoga, visiting one of the five other convenient Jugo Fresh locations in Miami is highly recommended.

If you want to take yoga up a level, another hassle-free option is to stop by Bikram Hot Yoga in Coconut Grove. Bikram Yoga is yoga performed in a room with a temperature of at least 95 degrees. At Bikram Hot Yoga Miami, they set the room temperature to about 104 degrees. After enduring a 90 minute stress-relieving class in this heat, participants’ clothes are usually soaking in sweat.

“The beginning of senior year has brought me a lot of stress due to college applications. Doing yoga helps me clear my mind,” senior Juan Reyes said.

Running with the Pack: If you’re not the yogi type, and prefer cardio workouts, running with the Brickell Run Club is another great option when it comes to relieving stress. Every Tuesday at 7 p.m., over 250 people meet at the Fortune International Building to enjoy a nice evening run with this club. Having the chance to release stress and meet all new kinds of people in the process are only some of the benefits of running with Brickell Run Club. The best part about the club is that it’s free to participate!

“Running takes me to another place; it helps me zone out and forget about all of the schoolwork I have,” junior Alex Elortegui said.

A Walk in the Park: Another delightful activity that can alleviate stress is taking a nice stroll through the bright green grass of Kennedy Park. Overlooking the crystal blue Biscayne Bay, Kennedy Park offers a playground, exercise machines and a mouthwatering iced lemonade truck known as A.C.’s Icees. After enjoying a refreshing frozen lemonade, you can simply bike around the park, or play volleyball or soccer with friends!

Break with Books: If you’re not in the mood to deal with Miami’s hot sun, you can always relax at the pleasant café inside Books & Books. This cozy bookstore serves up meals ranging from salads and sandwiches to yummy pastries. Sitting and reading a book while munching on one of these delectable dishes is the ideal way to spend a much-needed breather.

Once in a while you need to close those textbooks and treat yourself to at least an hour of relaxation. These activities are perfect for getting away from day-to-day chaos. If you already have your own way to let loose, it doesn’t hurt to try something new!