DIY: Spirit Week


James Burke

Greasing it up!

Samantha Valero, Writer Staff

It’s that time of the year again: Homecoming spirit week! Spirit week is a Gables tradition that brings attention to the Homecoming game and the dance that goes along with it. On Monday, you will see super-students flying around the school, while Tuesday will be a flashback to the cool 50’s era. Sports fans will represent their favorite teams on Wednesday. The popular Color War day, when grade levels will be clearly differentiated by color, will be on Friday.

Superhero Day: People dashing around, capes flying everywhere, and villains running away with wads of cash – no need to fear, superhero day is here!

Costume Idea: The Joker (Guys and Girls)

What you will need:

  • A purple suit
  • A purple pair of dress pants/pants
  • Black Joker gloves (can be purchased at Party City)
  • Blue collared shirt
  • Green vest
  • Your choice of a funky tie
  • Black dress shoes/boots

Click here for a link to the Joker’s face tutorial. Style the clothing however you see fit.

Grease/50’s Day: The halls are all filled with biker kids who are ‘too cool’ for you and preppy girls with their pastel dresses and cheery smiles.

Costume Idea: Biker (Guys and Girls)

What you will need:

  • Black or white V-neck shirt
  • Black leather jacket
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Black or white converse or dress shoes

Sports Day: Air horns, pom-poms and adoring sports fans roam the halls with their faces painted.

Outfit Idea: Football Fan (Guys and Girls)

What you will need:

  • Jersey of desired team (A t-shirt of the team’s colors works if you don’t own a jersey)
  • Shorts/jeans of the team’s colors
  • Face paint (red and/or black)

Face paint ideas:

  1. Draw two black lines on your cheeks
  2. Paint the initials of the team name on your face.
  3. Get creative with unique designs

Color Wars: Freshmen wear white, sophomores black, juniors grey and seniors red. You can choose whatever you’d like for your attire, as long as it is appropriate. Face paint, headbands, rings, necklaces – have fun with it!

Spirit Week is an amazing event in which everyone gets to participate by showing their school spirit in their own unique way. Be sure to partake in this year’s Homecoming tradition!