Feeling The Gym Blues?


If your moaning the gym blues, try working out with a friend. It will be new for both of you.

Camilo Bacca, Staff Writer

Is working out NOT something you enjoy? Do you ever wish you could just stay home cuddled up with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream instead of having to sweat like a pig? Have better things to do than feel self-conscious when you find yourself surrounded by a gang of ripped body builders when you’re trying to lose those five pesky pounds? Still trying to burn off that extra slice of apple pie you had for Thanksgiving before Christmas? To all the avid channel surfers and couch potatoes who try desperately to enjoy, but hate, the gym, this list is for you. Here are a few tips and steps to make your workout routine more enjoyable, or hopefully a bit more bearable.

1. Do Something Different

Before hitting the weights or switching to the treadmill, stop for a minute and think, “What do I like doing?” There are a million ways to get in shape. Your workout routine shouldn’t be limited to just cardio and weights. Working out can become meticulous when you have nothing new to look forward to. Try alternating various workout routines within your exercise. Find a new move or try out another fancy looking machine. Additionally, if you’re like so many others who can’t figure out how to work those machines, try enrolling in some new classes. Courses like Zumba and the Boss Chick workout can kick your butt and are exciting. You might find them more fun than the repetitiveness of the gym. The important thing is going out of your comfort zone, so why not have fun doing it?

2. Workout with Friends

Who said you had to work out alone? Whenever you find yourself asking what the hell you’re doing in the gym, dial up and form a group of workout buddies; the more the merrier! Getting in shape is much more fun when you have companions to keep you motivated. If none of your friends want to join you, search for a new group of friends who are on the same page as you. You’ll find yourself looking forward to meeting up with your buddies, and therefore less likely to avoid it and make excuses when everyone will know that you wimped out. Plus, once you are all done you can all go out for a healthy veggie pizza.

3. Love Your Body

The only reason you should be going to the gym is to be healthy, and out of love for your body. Don’t go to the gym to look hotter or look more attractive; go to the gym to boost your health. Looks should come second to your health, because a gym isn’t going to change how you like your body; instead you should honor and respect it. That includes not putting it down with negative comments or trying to conform to standards that don’t apply to you. Your health is more important than trying to look buff or skinny. Don’t get distraught when you don’t see instant results, either. Give your body time to adapt when you find your spirits lagging, and be reminded that you’re doing it for your well being. The most important thing is that you are healthy.

4. Sin a little. Or a lot.

Who said you could have that extra chili dog? You did. Give yourself a break once in a while and enjoy all the comforts of life. If those comforts happen to be a slice of red velvet cheesecake, then so be it. Your workout should be a source of pride, not of guilt. You earned that cake. Enjoy it.

5. Play Your Jams

The music they blast on repeat in the gyms can get annoying. Next time you go out, take some of your most inspirational music with you. There is nothing more motivating then biking out to “Eye Of The Tiger.” Bring your iPod with you and make a playlist with music that makes you want to do those extra twenty push-ups. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself  jamming out to Journey and Kelly Clarkson. Ignore the people staring; they are just jealous of your musical abilities. If music isn’t your thing, download some audiobooks or podcasts to keep you entertained. Anything is better than those awful scratchy records that make you want to throw the elliptical at someone.

Hopefully these tips will help keep you going. But remember, there is no shame in admitting defeat once in a while and returning home to watch reruns of Modern Family with a quart of Haagen Dazs. All you have to do to increase your motivation when trying to be a fitter version of yourself is start with baby steps.