Quiz: What Fast Food Restaurant Are You?

Checkers are the best fries in the fast food industry.

Mercedes Debesa, Multimedia

November 11, 2018

Take a short quiz that'll ask questions based on what you like and it'll tell you the restaurant you most likely would be!

Can We Guess What Grade You Are In?

Mark Snyder, Multimedia

November 10, 2018

  All these images can be changed to actually be relevant to school 

How should you celebrate Thanksgiving?

How should you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Mark Snyder, Multimedia

November 9, 2018

Thanksgiving is a time  to be thankful for all of the blessings in your life. It is a day to spend with your family and to enjoy the exquisite meal you have prepared. This American holiday is celebrated in so many different ways by Americans; enjoying it does not always require a turkey. ...

Spirit Week

Spirited Cavaliers pose in celebration of Color War.

Thomas Harley, Copy Editor

October 10, 2018

Students! Spirit week is coming up from Oct. 29 to Nov. 2. The days are as follows: Oct. 29- America Day! Dress in your patriotic apparel! Oct. 30- Superhero/Disney Day! Dress up as your favorite superhero or Disney character! Oct. 31- Blast to the Past Day! Throw it back to the past, with outfits...

Finding the Right Fit: College Fair 2018

Senior Lauren Pettigrew converses with the representative from the University of Alabama.

Natalia Rodriguez, Reviews Editor

October 8, 2018

Excitement fills the air as students eagerly file into the gym; the college fair has just begun. One of the most renowned and anticipated events of the year, it helps juniors and seniors resolve the indecisiveness and relieve some of the anxiety they face throughout the college application proce...

What Fall Activity Should You Do This Fall?

What Fall Activity Should You Do This Fall?

Yeileny Lopez, Student Life Editor

September 28, 2018

What College Major is Right For You?

What College Major is Right For You?

Pablo Hanono, Staff Writer

October 23, 2017

When it comes to college application season, many are asked two questions: where do you want to go and what do you want to study? The latter can be more difficult as it is a highly personal choice that can decide your first job post-graduation and potentially your career. Choosing your college major...

Which Club Is the Best Fit for You?

Which Club Is the Best Fit for You?

Annie Farrell, Contributor

September 29, 2015

Unhappy with your results? Click here to read a full list of the clubs that Gables offers and decide for yourself!...

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