Pre-Workout Warm Ups and Stretches

Annie Farrell, Staff Writer

January 28, 2014

Warming up and stretching may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do before a workout, but why prolong your already dreadful exercise session? It may not be fun, but it is very important to warm up and stretch before performing any physically strenuous activity. Though both warming up and stretching...

Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

Tomato's, Asparagus, and Mushroom's are healthy foods known to help increase your metabolism

Bryce Scanlon, Staff Writer

January 23, 2014

In Miami, it's always bikini weather! Looking good and feeling good about your own body is on the top of the resolutions' list. Many blame their slow metabolism for their inability to lose weight. However, your metabolism rate can be easily altered. Your metabolism is a series of complex enzymes an...

Healthy Eating: Stick to the Basics

Many people fall into the traps of profit diets and diet foods to lose weight, however, sticking to the basics of nutrition is the most effective way to lose.

Cole Scanlon, Contributor

January 19, 2014

“No, I can’t eat that. I’m on a diet.” Sound familiar? Diets aren't just adopted by many women and fitness-minded men in the pre-summer months because they suddenly want to be and look healthier. “Consumerist America” often fuels people’s mindset, actions, and spending patterns because...

7 Ways to Stay Sane

Be stress-free.

Camilo Bacca, Staff Writer

January 13, 2014

Nowadays, it is easy to get stressed. With schoolwork, jobs, family, friends, enemies, and everything  in-between, it's easy to loose it. Instead of worrying about the issue at hand, step away for a minute to regroup your thoughts. Take a deep breath ,and count to ten as find your happy place and ...

Chill Out And Reach Higher: Relieve Your Stress

Sophomore Sophia Castro takes time to study for an upcoming Spanish test while practicing the best way to prepare for an exam; with silence!

Sabrina Ochoa, Business Manager

January 6, 2014

We all have it in our own ways: stress. Whether it comes to you from school, social pressure, or home, stress is stress, and it is able to reach a level where it can be too much for one person to handle. A large amount of stress can hinder your success in accomplishing any of your desired goals. When...

Feeling The Gym Blues?

Feeling The Gym Blues?

Camilo Bacca, Staff Writer

December 24, 2013

Is working out NOT something you enjoy? Do you ever wish you could just stay home cuddled up with Ben and Jerry's ice cream instead of having to sweat like a pig? Have better things to do than feel self-conscious when you find yourself surrounded by a gang of ripped body builders when you’re trying...

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