The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


Mental health has been a growing concern for years, but with COVID-19 cases on the rise, teenagers are feeling the pressure now more than ever.

The Mental Health Crisis Facing Our Youth

Ana Font, CavsTV Staff March 5, 2021

Life was stressful before the pandemic, but new challenges such as virtual learning, staying safe and coping with sickness have contributed an additional toll. Everyone needs help sometimes - and acknowledging...

PSA: Teen Stress

Alana Fernandez, CavsTV Staff February 27, 2021

What’s supposed to be the best years of our lives have only been an emotional turmoil. With the pressure being put on today’s young generation, it’s no surprise how stress rules their lives. The...

PSA: Body Image

Kennedy Martin-Jones, CavsTV Staff February 21, 2021

Society has portrayed the perfect body to have a flat stomach, a toned body and be the perfect height, but there is no such thing as the “perfect body”, it is so unrealistic. Every body is different...

PSA: Endangered Species

Kennedy Martin-Jones, CavsTV Staff January 1, 2021

Millions of animals die each year and for what? For our own personal gain, people will do anything to make money, even if the cost is killing an innocent elephant. Not only that, but climate change and...

PSA: Wear A Mask

Alana Fernandez, CavsTV Staff December 18, 2020

What was only supposed to be a two week quarantine period to prevent the spread of this unbelievable disease, quickly turned into a history-making time. Corona virus quickly spread across the globe, affecting...

PSA: Academic Dishonesty

Arlett Bouza, CavsTV Staff December 15, 2020

Academic honesty has never been as important as now. Given the competitive generation, cheating rates have risen and become easier for students given the abundance of resources online. Studying can be...

The Climate Crisis: Pollution

Ana Font, CavsTV Staff November 24, 2020

Pollution is constantly affecting our quality of life, it operates mysteriously and is often not seen by the naked eye. At the rate we are going it is predicted that by 2030 there will be more plastic...

PSA: Pollution

PSA: Pollution

Ana Font, CavsTV Staff September 15, 2020

The effects of pollution on our planet are extensive and affecting us all. This is real and it is happening right now. This video showcases the idea of change and what could continue to happen if we don't...

PSA: Cyberbullying

Ana Font, CavsTV Staff September 8, 2020

The most common form of violence young people experience is cyberbullying. Social Media can be very overwhelming, especially when feeling targeted by other individuals. It can feel like there's no escape,...

PSA: Teen Mental Health

Alana Fernandez, CavsTV Staff August 20, 2020

In a school with over 3,000 students, you easily see hundreds of peers in the six minutes during hall passing. You barely pay attention to those around, let alone what they may be going through. Some may...

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