Fast and Festive Fall Food Recipes

There is nothing better to get you into the fall spirit than making delicious pumpkin and apple desserts!
October 14, 2020

As we move further from Summer and closer to Fall, we begin to get into the Fall spirit. The turning of the leaves and the autumn chill always marks the start of the season, but the most important part...

Amy Coney Barrett- Perspectives on Both Sides of the Aisle

As elections near, the entire nation is awaiting Congress's decision on whether Amy Coney Barrett will become the new Supreme Court justice.
October 9, 2020

The first topic addressed during the presidential debate, which took place on Sept. 29, was whether Amy Coney Barrett, the current Supreme Justice nominee would be a satisfactory replacement in the Supreme...

Balance: How is it Possible?

Computer screens hold all the information necessary to get work done. Here, there are tabs for music to homework open.
October 6, 2020

High school comes with many new responsibilities that extend from Advanced Placement testing to work and extracurriculars. It is always said to us that our top priority should be school and homework, but...

Apps to Widgetize Your Home Screen

This home screen has been customized with bit of a 70s vibes, and each app has a different color butterfly.
October 4, 2020

Apple has just released its new software update called IOS 14 and users are already loving it. With the update, you can now personalize your home screen with widgets and change app icons with any photo...

Sustainable Alternatives for Everyday Items

Produce bags are a sustainable way to store food items and keep them fresh.
October 3, 2020

The term sustainability has grown in popularity throughout the 21st century and is now heard all over the news, social media and television. This may leave people wondering: what is sustainability exactly...

Five Must-Read Dystopian Novels

There are over 140 book genres and subgenres in the world.
September 26, 2020

Unfamiliar to many readers, the Dystopian book genre is different from the usual fiction and romance. It first started off as a branch from utopian literature but now it developed into so much more. Here...

Gen Z’s Duty: How to Be Civically Engaged

To devote ourselves to the future, Gen Z should make a commitment to civic engagement.
September 15, 2020

For many people, the word “politics” drives them to look the other way or say that they prefer to not get involved. In reality, politics should not be something people avoid. With everything occurring...

Meeting your Classmates… Through a Screen?

This year, students will have to meet their new classmates and socailize with them online.
September 15, 2020

Social interactions and communication are part of human nature. Although it might seem harder to make new friends and socialize during online school, it is a vital part of our teenage years. High school...

How to Spruce Up a Virtual Learning Space

Little things like plants, decorative figures, and plush toys play a key role in making a desk look fantastic.
September 5, 2020

Virtual learning has now officially begun, meaning all students have officially started their first week of online learning. As a result of the transition to a completely new learning environment, the...

Amazon Finds: Cute and Affordable Must-Haves

Amazon is stocked with many items from clothing to outdoor furniture to room decor.
May 15, 2020

Many people are always looking to switch up the style of their rooms and because of the COVID-19 virus, Amazon is definitely a great place to shop from home. Amazon contains hundreds upon hundreds of great...

TikTok Trends: Updated

TikTok is known to begin trends where users are able to join in and keep up to date with everyday. These trends have been able to entertain  its users with these trends all throughout quarantine.
May 10, 2020

As most of us are stuck at home finding a way to entertain ourselves, TikTok users have been participating in the most recent trends going around. Those who are used to this app know how these trends tend...

DIY’s To Do During Quarantine

After finishing up your homework, it is difficult to know what to do next, especially when you cannot leave your home.
May 5, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus, these past weeks have been very stressful for everyone. Along with cancelations of school and vacations, we were asked to stay home and, although it is for the best in order to...

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