Paid Summer Internship Opportunity!

Since 2004, the Bank of America Student Leaders program has provided more than 3,500 community-minded high school juniors and seniors with tangible work experience, leadership development, financial education and service.

Every year, more than 300 young people from nearly 100 communities are accepted into the Student Leaders program. They get first-hand experience in serving their communities through a paid eight-week summer internship with nonprofits in their local community like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, local food banks, Habitat for Humanity and more. They also get to see how nonprofits, governments and businesses collaborate to meet local needs by participating in the national Student Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C. Through these internships and participation in the Summit, they gain practical work and life experience. Through connecting with each other they learn about the experiences of others, diversity of thought and how we can all work together to create a more just world.

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