SENIORS: Important Bright Futures Information!


EVERY senior MUST read this email AND BOTH ATTACHMENTS COMPLETELY BEFORE DECEMBER 9TH. If you have a friend who does not get Ms. Stack’s emails, PLEASE forward this to them since it is so important.

Bright Futures registration opens on December 1st. So, on December 9, 10, 11, 16, 18 Ms. Stack will be calling all seniors in groups to the Auditorium to register for Bright Futures. Remember, if you qualify, it is FREE $$$ for college so it is extremely important to do this.

In the links provided there is important information that contains:

1.)  General Information you need to know about applying for Bright Futures  – please read it all

2.)  The actual answers you are to insert for every question on the applicationplease read over these before Dec. 9 so you can quickly answer the questions in the Auditorium.




In order for the process to go smoothly and quickly, I am asking each of you to do ALL of the following below for me BEFORE December 9. Please do these things right after you read this email so you do not forget.

1.)  Compare your latest Gables transcript/report card to your social security card (your Mom or Dad should have it) and make sure they match in terms of the name. The EXACT name has to be on both. If the school name is different, you must bring a copy of your social security card to Ms. Yanes, the Registrar, in the Main Office by Monday, Nov. 25th so she can change it in the system.

2.)  Please record your social security number in your phone BEFORE you come to register on one of the dates listed above. You will need it to register and there will not be time to call your parents from the Auditorium to get it.

3.)  Make sure you know if you are a US Citizen or not.

4.) Think of a FL STATE SCHOOL to list on your application. It can be one you actually applied to or any random one if you have not applied to any. To complete the application, you have to list one of the 12 (rest assured you can always go back in later and amend this). Most kids put UF or FSU.

5.)  Find out your weighted and unweighted GPA’s. It is on your latest transcript. You especially want to know if it is over a 3.0

6.)  Make sure you know if one or both of your parents is a veteran of the US military and what branch.

7.)  If you are African American – ask your parents if you are a descendent of the Rosewood Event.

8.)  Make sure you bring a phone or piece of paper to the Auditorium to record your USER ID and PIN assigned to you by the Bright Futures system. You will need to keep this information safe and accessible all year.

 Once you have done everything in this email and read the attachments, you will be ready to fill out the application on the above stated dates when I call you. Please arrive on time with your class, be ready to focus and have all information handy that I ask for above.