Final List of College Visits On Campus


To view the final list of the colleges that will be visiting our campus please click here.

Rules from Mrs.Stack:

1. You cannot sign up for the visit until 3, 2,1  day before the college is coming. Many of you have broken this rule and already signed up for schools that are not coming until the end of Oct. Please stop doing this. There is a reason for this rule. The reason is that students sign up way in advance and then they lose the orange pass they need to enter the visit. I will not let you in without the pass. You are to get the pass at the same time you sign up for the visit on the green sheets.

2. Remember that,  IF YOU SIGN UP FOR A VISIT, PUT IT IN YOUR PHONE CALENDAR AND SHOW UP!!! For the last few schools, I have had 10 people on the signup sheet and only 3 have shown up. This is NOT acceptable and it hurts you because the rep has your name and says “why didn’t John Doe show up” and then notes that you did not show up. Please be respectful about these rules.

3. Lastly, PLEASE RESEARCH A COLLEGE BEFORE YOU SIGN UP TO ATTEND!!! This is very important. It is embarrassing to me, you and the rep when you say you are interested in xyz major but that college doesn’t even offer that major! Or worse, today I had a male student show up for an all-women’s college!! Please let’s have these reps get a good impression of our students as being intelligent and having done pre-research on these schools. This is not a tool to get out of class; this is for students who are seriously interested in these colleges.