Mr. Q’s Asian Food Truck


Emily Simon

Mr. Q’s Asian Food Truck.

Our Rating: A-

A Miami-based food truck, Mr. Q is a University of Miami food market staple. Found on the university’s campus on Wednesdays, students flock to the truck to get a taste of this Asian cuisine. Every college student’s favorite meals can be found on the truck’s menu: ramen noodles, marinated chicken wings and ice cream are just a few.

Emily Simon
The ramen noodles with spice added.

The truck offers three different types of noodles: ramen, udon, and nuclear. All noodles are available as either a soup or dry, and can be made spicy for no additional charge. Although, the add-ons are available for an additional charge, and the prices vary depending on the meat requested. The nuclear noodles are especially spicy- the staff usually gives customers a fair warning before they place an order. These noodles have a great flavor profile with the added vegetables and meat building on its flavor.

“I feel that ramen noodles are a staple Asian dish and Mr.Q’s does a great job of representing that,” junior Patrick Ales said.

The pitfall of this Miami-based food truck is its cost. Ramen noodles are a college staple for a reason – their very low price. These low-budget meals are offered for less than a dollar at the supermarket, but at Mr. Q’s, they are available starting at $7. Furthermore, the price only increases substantially when meat is added. Although their flavor is quite pleasing, this food truck’s offerings are best as a once-in-a-while treat instead of as a routine meal.

Emily Simon
The menu at the food truck.

The desserts offered are different variations of egg waffle ice cream cones, the most expensive being a $13 egg waffle combo which features two ice cream scoops and an unlimited choice of toppings. With either vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, or green tea ice cream serving as a base, Mr. Q offers a large number of options to choose from. A more reasonably priced menu item, the ice cream egg waffle combo and its variants are a must-eat.

“I like the ice cream because the waffle cones are warm,” junior Dylan Carol said.

Mr. Q’s Asian Cuisine food truck is a great addition to the University of Miami’s weekly farmer’s market. Although it can be a little overpriced, be sure to stop by and try the amazing dishes for yourself.