Sydney Scanlon

Temple, the vegan and vegetarian cafe has indoor and outdoor seating available.

Sydney Scanlon, Alumni Editor

Our Rating: A

At Temple, the new vegan and vegetarian restaurant, “your body is a temple,” is the popular belief. They pride themselves in an awareness of every aspect of the restaurant, whether it be their fresh food or biodegradable cutlery.

Located on Sunset Drive, Temple has only been open for five weeks, but they are already forming a loyal customer base. Owned by a Swiss couple, they employ many customers including co-manager and sous chef, Joseph Brozovich, who has been working on the project for over three months.

“I felt completely identified by the concept… healthy food, healthy eating, that’s something I have been doing for a while,” Brozovich said.

He strongly believes in thinking about what he puts in his body. Though he is not vegan, he makes health conscious food decisions. His favorite and the most popular dish, Soba, So Good, is a noodle salad that is both spicy and crunchy and made with soba noodles, mixed greens, avocado, carrot, kimchee, bean sprouts and sesame seeds. The idea for Temple is based on health; putting all the nutrients into the body. Brozovich continued to name common ailments and how and why a particular juice or dish would cure it. The idea of awareness goes along with purpose, each ingredient has a purpose why it is added. Temple has a forcefield shot which is offered for combatting sickness: it is a mixture of turmeric route, ginger and lemon and algae is for detoxes.

Temple isn’t just food conscious, but also waste savvy as well. Temple has a utensils partnership through Ecowaste, a provider of biodegradable and eco-conscious tableware. The plates are made out of bamboo, and the cutlery is made out of recycled plant food and corn.

“…It’s part of the process, respect for where we live,” Brozovich said.

Temple has already planned a second location and is scouting for a third one. Brozovich’s dream is for Temple to become a big deal, and to make people more conscious of what they are eating.