Justin Bieber’s New Album Does his Career “Justice”


Daphne Renoux

Justin Bieber’s new album is full of new hits contrasting with his usual style of music.

Daphne Renoux, Staff Writer

Album Title: “Justice”
Artist: Justin Bieber
Genre: Pop
Release Date: March 19, 2021
Our Rating: A

Justin Bieber’s sixth studio album “Justice” might surprise some fans but will delight most. This new album brings a touch of calm to Bieber’s usual energetic music style. This album, recorded by the singer from 2019 to 2021, shows through songs like “Unstable” and “Die for You” a new style of pop music for Bieber. Despite some of his songs like “Peaches” keeping his usual upbeat, energetic vibe, most of the album is made up of deep, slower songs. One of his songs, “Lonely”, was released earlier this year and was a sort of trailer for this new album. This new album is very diverse as various artists collaborated with Justin Bieber on it.

Bieber has recently opened to the public about having had problems with depression in the past and admitted to battling mental illness. This might be closely related to the themes of his most recent albums “Changes” and now “Justice”. He talks about needing help to get out of a dark time in his life and about a certain person helping him to do so, which is most likely his wife Hailey. The song “Lonely” really illustrates these themes by talking about how fame weighed heavily on Bieber’s shoulders and how he felt very alone for a long while.

Unstable (feat. The Kid LAROI): A
This slower song talks about Bieber’s mental health and about how he suffered a lot for a while. The song mentions that someone stayed despite his continued rejection of their affection. This seems like it talks about his relationship with his wife during these complicated times for him. He explains that he is thankful for that person because they stayed despite the suicidal thoughts and lack of stability. Overall this song is very touching and gives a new vision of the singer to his fans: a harsher, rawer one.

Peaches (feat. Daniel Ceasar & GIVEON): A-
This song contrasts with the overall style of the album, being more upbeat and similar to Bieber’s old style. It still mentions a bad past in some way but stays a relatively happy song. It seems as if, by this track, Bieber’s happiness has slowly started to be restored thanks to a few things. The main one being, once again, a person who stayed with him and helped him a lot.

The song tends to be a bit repetitive but still corresponds to the overall vibe of the album. With the music and different voices of the singers blending perfectly to make a fan-favorite song.

Lonely (feat. Benny Blanco): A+
This last song was released before the album and really hit hard. It showed a whole new side of the singer that fans had never, or rarely seen before. It explained how hard it really was for the singer during the beginning of his career. He explains, in this song, that he felt alone and exposed. This makes sense since he had to face loads of negative comments throughout his career for mistakes he made as a young teenager. He sings his pain and, with it, made one of the most heartbreaking and relatable songs of the year. Overall, “Lonely” corresponds extremely well with the rest of his album: a terribly beautiful end in a way.