50 Shades of Music



The “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack is said to be the best album of 2015.

Bhargavi Pochi, Editor

On Feb. 14, the anticipated movie 50 Shades of Grey premiered in movie theaters across the nation. During the past few months, trailers have made their way through the media, providing a sneak peak of the movie and its soundtrack. With a boldly sexual theme, the sensual music is appropriate for the atmosphere. Featuring songs from The Weeknd, and remixes of Beyoncé, the 50 Shades soundtrack is sure to win the hearts of millions.

“Earned It”– The Weeknd

Our Rating: A+

“Earned It” written by The Weeknd was recorded for the Fifty Shades of Grey 2015 soundtrack. With sensual sounds, and slow beats, “Earned It” is perfect to wind down to after a long, hard day. With more than 2 million views, The Weeknd’s lyric video of this track is definitely a chart topper.

“Crazy in Love (2015 Remix)”– Beyoncé

Our Rating: A-

With the original “Crazy In Love” song making it’s debut in 2003, our queen Beyoncé has come back with a slow and sensual version of her hit single. This “Crazy In Love” remix has a slow tempo, with elongated lyrics to create that ’50 Shades’ vibe. Although Beyoncé is known for her fast-paced and upbeat songs, “Crazy In Love (2015 Remix)’ adds a great variety to the soundtrack.

“I Put a Spell On You”– Annie Lennox

Our Rating: A

“I Put a Spell On You” contains soulful chords and hints of the Blues. With a variety of different background instruments like the piano and drums, this song strays away from the other sensual and slower songs. Annie Lennox’s raspy voice adds a romantic feel to the song. “I Put a Spell On You” is a great addition to the 50 Shades soundtrack.


One of the most anticipated movies of 2015, Fifty Shades of Grey has won the hearts of millions. As a film adaptation of the bestselling book, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, the director Sam-Taylor Johnson has done an exemplary job in creating the perfect soundtrack to go with an outstanding movie.