The New Japanese “Visions” of the Star Wars Saga


Danny Cen

With a variety of never before seen characters, “Star Wars: Visions” makes history by teaming up with Japanese studios to make unique stories.

Danny Cen, Staff Writer

Platform: Disney Plus

Release Date: Sep. 22, 2021

Producer: Kanako Shirasaki

Animators: Kamikaze Douga; Studio Colorido; Geno Studio; Trigger; Kinema Citrus; Production I.G; Science SARU Rating: TV-PG

Our Rating: B

The cameo of “Star Wars” into the world of anime is a match made in heaven. “Star Wars: Visions” is an amalgam of Japanese inspired short films set in the “Star Wars” universe. The series includes 9 original short films done by various Japanese animation studios to present their creativity and perspective on the popular franchise. At its core, “Visions” focuses on showcasing a side of “Star Wars” that fans have not yet seen.

The Duel

Right out the gate, “Visions” starts off strong with episode 1 “The Duel”, surrounding a wandering stranger who ends up defending a village from evil. A story about Jedi and Sith that focuses on pure combat while still having a decent plot, the animation done by Kamikaze Douga conveys a more dark and traditional feeling combined with stirring music. Ronin, who is the main protagonist, unveils his courageous nature and heroic heart by fending off the bandit’s raid of the village.

The introduction of the Ronin in the first episode demonstrated a great combination of a Jedi and samurai. Lucasfilm did a phenomenal job on integrating Japanese culture into the Star Wars universe,”

— AP World History Teacher Mr. Miller

Tatooine Rhapsody

With the series starting off strong, the second episode called “Tatooine Rhapsody” takes a different approach to the battle heavy franchise. A young padawan becomes traumatized by the experiences of battle and falls into a vehicle where he ends up joining a band. A bond between characters is fostered with a touching plot to boot. Studio Colorido creates light hearted character designs that adds on to the sappy nature of the episode. A wondrous score was produced for the episode, which made the short film stand out.

The Ninth Jedi

One of the most interesting episodes in the series was titled “The Ninth Jedi” where the daughter of a lightsaber-smith Kara becomes hunted for her relation to the light side of the Force. Production I.G features beautiful character designs with stunning visuals of the planet in which the characters reside. The plot of the episode felt so enticing that it should be continued on into its very own series.

“To see ‘Star Wars’ expand and explore new stories apart from the original storyline brings a smile to my face. The approach that was taken with the show is something that I hopefully want to see again,” senior Aaron Nogues said.

“Visions” aimed to be an authentic Japanese anime and it certainly passed with flying colors. Lucasfilm branched off into uncharted territory and produced creative stories that will forever be engraved into the anime scene. Anime and Star Wars fans alike will find the series to be an enjoyable experience.