Back to the Future is in the Past

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

Our Rating: B+

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, at exactly 4:29 p.m., Marty McFly arrived from the past in order to to save his son. This is why the day has been crowned “Back to the Future Day.” Some of the predictions from the future in the movies were spot on – amazing, given the time difference between the release and today. Also, the franchise will have happened entirely in the past at the end of the week.

This image shows the movie's depiction of a video conference.
This image shows the movie’s depiction of a video conference.

The franchise made several predictions that were amazingly true. One of its predictions was video-call communication; when shown in the movie, it looks similar to FaceTime or Skype. Another bulls-eye is 3D films; the movie predicted that present theaters were showing Jaws 19 in 3D. Yet another of the film’s hits is its depiction of wearable technology, such as glasses that answer phones, similar to some modern inventions.

“I find it interesting how futuristic movies tend to predict some advancements in technology and inspire them,” freshman Framil Diaz said.

Shot of Marty's shoes while riding the hoverboard.
Shot of Marty’s shoes while riding the hoverboard.

There are many things that sadly haven’t been invented yet that are shown in the movie. Marty is shown using a hoverboard while wearing some self-lacing shoes. Though neither of the two exist, there are several prototypes for both. A company named hendohover is working on hoverboards, and shoes that tighten themselves to wearers’ feet have been created. Despite these disappointing misses, many will be happy to hear about the next one: dominance of fax machine. Back to the Future showed a world without smartphones, a world where fax machines were used a lot more. Another huge miss is that the movie predicted flying cars and time travel.

“I [think] they had a slightly unrealistic view of how our future was going to be,” freshman Julius Telleria said.

When Marty came to 2015, he probably didn’t know that many of the things that the director, Robert Zemeckis, put in front of him were going to happen. The next time you see the Back to the Future series, just remember that it’s not any sort of prediction anymore; it is entirely in the past.