The Big Bang Theory Season 9

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

*Spoiler Alert*

Series Title: The Big Bang Theory

Season: 9

Season Duration: 9/21/15 – ongoing

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Written By: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady

Stars: Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), Penny (Kaley Cuoco)

Our Rating: A

On May 7, Big Bang Theory fans were left with a huge cliffhanger: Amy, Sheldon’s girlfriend, tells Sheldon that she needs to take a break from their relationship and when he hangs up, he pulls out a ring saying “Well Gollum, you’re an expert in rings, what should I do with this one?” This scene clearly left fans wondering about Sheldon’s intentions with “the ring.” Additionally, Penny and Leonard are in their car going to Vegas to get married when he tells her that he kissed another woman; she says that it’s okay and she still wants to get married. The new episodes of season nine has cleared up some questions, but there are plenty of viewers who still do not know.

Sheldon interrupts the livestream of the wedding.
Sheldon interrupts the livestream of the wedding.

As the long awaited first episode began, Penny and Leonard continue with their plans of eloping to Vegas. They broadcast it so that their friends can see the moment, but they end up missing most of it due to an interruption caused by Sheldon. Sheldon keeps bothering Amy and due to his constant nagging, she officially states that they are broken up. After the wedding, Penny reveals that she is still bothered by Leonard’s kiss and is outraged when she finds out that he still works with the girl. Leonard spends his wedding night with Sheldon. On the next episode, Leonard has a dream that Sheldon and Penny kiss in order to punish him. Due to this, he decides to sign up for marriage counseling. But seeing that it’s too expensive, he decides to confront Mandy, the girl he kissed.

“I’m really excited to see how things turn out with Sheldon and Amy,” freshman Julius Telleria said.

The guys try to fix the van
Entertainment Weekly
The guys try to fix the van.

When Penny talks to the girls, she becomes concerned that Leonard might leave her for someone smarter. At the same time, Leonard realizes that on some level he might be trying to sabotage the marriage because he’s not good enough for Penny. They both discuss it and decide to forget it. Sheldon continues to bother Amy and films, “Fun With Flags”, a video where he angrily speaks about countries that have separated, which is meant to  reference Amy dumping him. As the third and latest episode begins, it becomes apparent that the problems between Leonard and Penny are gone. The guys decide to take Leonard to a surprise bachelor party in Mexico but their van breaks down and they accidentally burn it. The girls have their own bachelorette party where Penny tells her father she’s married, and Amy tells her mother that she broke up with Sheldon.

There is much more to expect from Big Bang Theory over the next months. This season has the potential to be just as hilarious as the previous ones. There is a new episode every Monday at 8 p.m. (EST) on CBS, so don’t forget to tune in and enjoy the show!