Documentary: Fed Up

This documentary reveals the true causes of obesity in America.

This documentary reveals the true causes of obesity in America.

Sofia Bratt, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A 

This jaw-dropping documentary, Fed Up, uncovers the truth about America’s rise in obesity. Over the years, America’s obesity rate has risen tremendously, so much so that it’s become a huge health issue that’s affecting children as young as ten years old. Not only does this documentary help people realize how much Americans can be affected by this health issue, it also reveals the true causes of the extreme increase in obesity within the past 40 years.

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“Ever since I started eating non-processed foods, I’ve had so much more energy.””

— senior Juan Reyes

Fed Up shows how processed foods are the main cause of children becoming obese, and in some cases developing type 2 diabetes. Throughout the past years, the government has taken action to change the regulations of processed foods, such as decreasing their amounts of sugar and fat.

This moving documentary makes people question what kinds of foods they are fueling their body with and makes them realize how much sugar is in almost every meal they eat. Americans are coming together to fix this growing issue by becoming more health conscious and exercising more.

Image: Obesity Infographic