Uno All Wild: A Twist on One of America’s Most Famous Games


Arianna Hoyos

Two students try out “Uno All Wild” for the first time.

Daniel Ridgely, CavsTv Staff

Released: Jan. 10, 2022
Number of Players: 2-10 Players
Our Rating: C-

While for some the word uno may just be the translation of the number one into Spanish, avid card players know “Uno” as one of the world’s most popular games. The game was created in 1971 and since then, the game’s manufacturer, Mattel, has sold over 151 million units.

A game fairly similar to that of “Crazy 8”, players take turns getting rid of cards in their hand as fast as possible to try to have only one card remaining, hence the name uno. What makes the game so renowned however is its competitive nature and unique cards which include the skip, +2 and+4 (players are required to pick up this amount of cards) and reverse.

Recently, Mattel has created a new version of the game called “Uno All Wild”, in which all of the action cards have been altered to become wild meaning their effects are exaggerated. In addition, there are three completely new cards: the wild double skip, wild swap hands and wild target +2.

My personal favorite is the swap hands card as you can almost completely ruin someone’s chances of winning by using it directly after they say Uno. The target +2 is a close second though only in a lower ranking because it can’t take out the opponent out of the game entirely,”

— sophomore Steven Campos

Another unexpected change, Mattel has chosen to alter the way a player can win. Instead of the classic battle to say uno first, now, if you win the round then you will start to receive points depending on what other people have in their hand. Mattel suggests playing to 500 points which can often require multiple rounds being that card’s worth range from 0-50 points.

This adjustment to the most defining factor of the game is what seems to be the most disappointing. Instead of knowing once you have said uno, you have secured a win, the game is extended and the rush of fierce competition is diminished.

“I like the effort from Mattel to create a new spin on a great game but it feels a little rushed. It can take a long time for the game to end which I think is something they missed,” sophomore Colin Kalina said.

While Mattel’s attempt at creating a twist on the game is not a complete failure, they seemed to have overlooked the entertaining simplicity of the original version. The new release only looks like an attempt to keep themselves relevant in the everchanging game industry, yet it has done more bad than good.

Although “Uno All Wild” is not the best of the best, some of its flaws can be overlooked when playing with friends. Despite this, the game’s release has proved that a sequel is just never as good as the original. If you are interested in giving this game a shot, you can purchase it at Target, Walmart or Amazon for roughly $6.