Close Game Between Gatorade Flavors


The sport drink that has altered the game with its vast amount of flavors.

Lenny Roque, Staff Writer

After a long game or an exhausting workout there is no better feeling than quenching your thirst, and luckily Gatorade is able to accomplish such a task. It was invented in 1965 by a coach from the University of Florida and has participated in the game of sports drinks ever since. With the intention to recover and replenish the athletes, they devised a clever formula complete with electrolytes and carbohydrates serving as the foundation to the beloved beverage.

There are several flavors and also several unique names to choose from, but like all siblings secretly there is one that shines above the rest. The choice for the best Gatorade flavor is just like what politics is today, extremely controversial.

Flavor: Lemon Lime
Our rating: A
Although at this moment the country has become divided with the election, Lemon-lime is something that everyone can agree on is a great Gatorade flavor. It is sweet and tangy which really makes it enjoyable. It has a bit of a bitter aftertaste, but nothing too harsh. Lemon-lime is a nice balance between sour and sweet and has the most authentic flavor of any Gatorade product.

“Lemon-lime is peak Gatorade flavor because it’s universally loved and drank by everybody, it brings the orange flavor kids and the red flavor kids together,” senior Gabriel Armendariz said.

Flavor: Orange
Our rating: A-
Oranges are Florida’s state fruit because of the plant’s ability to produce vast amounts year long. They are enjoyable with a consistently sweet flavor. The drink has a nice citrus taste, sweeter than the Lemon-lime. The only complaint would be that oranges are too common in Florida so its uniqueness does not make it appealing for many Floridians. Nevertheless, it is definitely a fan favorite amongst the community.

Flavor: Fruit Punch
Our rating: A+
Fruit punch or also known as the red one hits all the marks that make it an outstanding flavor. It is sweet, fruity and rich. Enjoyed by the vast majority it has been seen in several sporting events and utilized in several of Gatorade commercials. The flavor is unique and a classic drink from Gatorade that makes it one of the top five flavors that the company has ever produced. It tastes like all the good Skittle flavors into a drink, and who does not love the taste of a rainbow?

Flavor: Glacier Cherry
Our rating: B
Glacier cherry like the name suggests is a cold and refreshing drink like a cool breeze on a hot sunny day. Although it does not taste like a cherry, it is still a decent beverage. The artificial flavor is one of the few that Gatorade has able to make alright because authenticity is key which is clearly shown in this election. The white color is an interesting decision because it draws the attention since there is a scarcity of white beverages. The aftertaste is not too bad but definitely invokes a mild sense of disgust from all the artificial additives.

Flavor: Grape
Our rating: F
Grape is a complete disaster and should have never existed because there are far too many problems with it. First, it does not taste like grapes, but instead it tastes like expired cough medicine. It leaves this metallic aftertaste that not even 10/10 dentist recommended toothpaste can fix.

The grape gatorade reminds me of what a litter box would taste like. ”

— junior Andrea Sosa said

The whole experience is nauseating, just the thought of how it tastes creates migraines and pains throughout the soul. Grape Gatorade is so bad that it is scarce in supermarkets, yet found all the time at Walgreens or CVS because of the potent characteristics that resemble medicine. Grape-flavored products are such a gamble, and the majority of the time they so horrible that companies should decide to stop making them.

Flavor: Cool Blue
Our rating: A
Finally, there is Cool Blue, another classic Gatorade flavor. It tastes like sweet, upgraded water. The experience is different and makes it unique, which explains the popularity. It has an aftertaste that some might not enjoy but it does not ruin the exceptional drink. Just wear some shades and a cold glass of Cool Blue to enjoy the beautiful day and just chill.