Caves and Cliffs: What to Expect in Minecraft 1.17


Leidi-Di Salcedo

New mobs (top row) and items (bottom row) were added to Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update.

Leidi-Di Salcedo-Urena, Staff Writer

The long-awaited Minecraft 1.7 update has been unveiled. On Oct. 3, Minecraft announced the Caves & Cliffs update, which will be released mid-2021. And yes, it is as exciting as it sounds. From new biomes to brand new adorable mobs, it will certainly add so much more to an already amazing game. Here’s what you can expect.


There are four new mobs being added to Minecraft: the Glow Squid, the axolotl, the goat, and the Warden. The Glow Squid was voted in by the players, over the Moobloom and the Iceologer. It is a squid with a luminescent texture – no, it does not glow in the way a jellyfish would. It is a passive mob, meaning it will not hurt you. The axolotl is also being added to the game. It is a neutral mob, meaning it will not attack/react to the player unless it is first provoked. Honestly, the axolotl is probably the cutest thing ever and adding it to a popular video game like Minecraft will only raise awareness for the animal, as it is currently an endangered species. What is even better is that they play dead to regenerate health and attack hostile mobs. The goat is also a brand new addition. Goats are neutral but when provoked can headbutt the player or mob and deal incredible knockback. They can also jump really high and like real life, will mostly hang around mountains. The final mob, the Warden, is a hostile mob that spawns in one of the new biomes being added. Wardens are blind, but they can sense the player and attack. They are not weak either, and can do plenty of damage even with full netherite armor.

“I’m mostly excited for the goats since I like goats and they will be super cute.” freshman Kimberlin Molina said.


We did it, we finally got an update to Minecraft caves. We can expect to see two types: the lush caves and the dripstone caves. Lush caves are filled with green plant life and dripstone caves contain stalagmites and stalactites. The stalactites drip water and the stalagmites are like spikes. They will hurt the player and other mobs. Another brand-new biome is the Deep Dark; it is very far below ground. This is where Wardens find their home and also where you can find a few of the new blocks added.

“I think that people would be more excited with more ores to make new weapons and armor to make the game a bit more interesting but I would 100% think that people will really like the new caves and find ways to make beautiful houses or railways through the caves that will make the game a lot more fun.” freshman Gabriella Reguera.


So what about blocks? There are a handful of new additions. From the Deep Dark, players can obtain Deep Dark stone, sculk sensors, and sculk blocks. Sculk sensors are particularly interesting because it is sort of like wireless redstone. Sculk sensors are also what Wardens use to know where the player is located and where they should go. We will also see the addition of copper, copper blocks, copper slabs, and copper stairs. This will be an Overworld ore. Copper blocks happen to oxidize over time, and will begin turning green after 16 player days. Powdered snow is also being added, it looks like regular snow but if you try to walk on it, you will fall right through. You can count on glowberries and dripleaf also making an appearance in this update. Players can walk on a dripleaf plant and feel like a god for a few seconds before it starts drooping under your weight, however it will snap back into position after a while. Glowberries are berries that glow. They emit light and you can eat them. Azalea trees, mini trees that have leaves with nice little purple flowers on them and with fancy roots growing under them, are also being added. Another purple beauty is the amethyst gemstone, which spawn on top of amethyst geodes; you can take the amethyst but not the actual geode. Finally, the spore blossoms, clay pots, and candles. Spore blossoms are pretty pink plants that emit particles when opened. Clay pots are exactly what they sound like with one interesting catch: with one of the new items added, you will be able to collect ceramic shards. These ceramic shards can be used to paint your clay pots however you like. You can add as many or as little ceramic shards as you please and make a clay pot designed to your taste. Candles will be a brand new light source and will be placed down like sea pickles.


There are nine new items being introduced to Minecraft. A few were mentioned before like the ceramic shards, amethyst, and the copper ingot. There are multiple colors of ceramic shards and the way you find them is by using a brand-new item: the brush, to wipe away dirt and gravel. Archeology but in a video game. Copper is used to make other items: the lightning rod and the telescope (also needs amethyst.) The telescope is used to zoom in on a player’s screen and the lightning rod is used to direct lightning bolts near the player. There is also the bundle, which allows you to carry more items. The spawn eggs for the new mobs will be added. For food: glowberries, as previously mentioned, which can be obtained from lush caves. Another thing that can be obtained from lush caves is a bucket of axolotl. Get a bucket, find an axolotl, right click, and boom, you have taken the pink pixel blob.

Overall, there are a lot of good things coming to Minecraft next year and this update will definitely be one to remember.

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