Is the Android 11 Giving a Glimpse into the Future?


Lenny Roque

The new Android 11 update has finally been released and it brings new features.

Lenny Roque, Staff Writer

Since its release, the new Android 11 update has stirred up debate amongst the tech community. It has managed to fix several bugs, glitches and added new features, but the question still stands of whether Android’s update system is up to par with those of other brands.

This update includes a bundle of great new additions such as a new bubble feature, a fix for notifications, screen recording and resolved several bugs that Android 10 had. The Android 11 software update is free to download on some phones like Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4, but will eventually include others by the end of this year. As technology advances and improves as the years go on, the Android update might catch up and create a more competitive market. The update demonstrates they are working towards becoming more innovative with their tech in an attempt to make more of an impact on the now technologically dependent world.

Bubble Feature: B
The bubble feature, a small bubble that appears when you receive a message, is one of the most important aspects of this update. It makes multitasking easier and allows users to engage with it more frequently. It is simple to use as it takes just one click to reply without having to search through other messages. In order to make chatting more organized and easier to use, the notification tab has incorporated new sections which now prioritize chats in the notification tab compared to before where it was the most recent notification. There are several times where other notifications that are not as important take priority like junk mail, coupons or ring notifications, but this new feature makes it easier to stay organized.

Although this feature has not been seen in other phones, it has been seen in the Messenger app, so it is not exactly an innovative idea. The bubble feature, although not creative, is beneficial to users because it resolves those awkward moments when people forget to reply to an important text or miss important information because of all the other notifications from spam emails, calls and messages.

“It seems to be useful and is catching up to iPhone quality slowly,” junior Jenkys Jimenez said.

Screen Recording and Screenshot: C
Android 11 now allows users to easily screen record a device. This feature should have been added a long time ago, but has finally arrived and is extremely useful. This will finally allow android users to document anything that is important without trying to find complex apps to do such a simple task. The screenshot system has also heavily improved, resembling that of the iPhone because it allows users to edit and crop the screenshot before saving the image. This is one of the main features of this update, but it has been integrated in the iPhone for years so it is nothing revolutionary.

“It is nice that Android is taking small but progressive steps to try,” junior Cristian Carcamo said.

The New Power Menu: B
The previous power menu was very hectic, so the new update has improved this issue and made it more organized. It also added a section for all the smart home devices, which is very convenient for when the google mini does not understand what people are dictating, along with a way to access google pay a lot easier. However, most people use cash, credit/debit cards and if they need to transfer money there are apps already in place, such as Cash App or Venmo.
The one feature that completes the power menu is the easter egg cat controls. This easter egg allows the user to take care of a cat, play with the cat, share with friends and in some phones like the Pixel 4, it will occasionally vibrate to resemble a cat purring. The cat feature can be disabled if needed but who would not want to have a digital fur-end?

Although this appears to be innovative with several new additions, some of these new features seem similar to what Apple has been doing for years. The update itself is not revolutionary, however, it establishes a foundation that can be improved upon and attract attention in the market. This update is demonstrating that it is focusing on how to make the software improve rather than other components like the camera. This ever changing world requires companies to continue providing users with appealing resources especially in the technological sector as just a few technology giants pretty much run the show.

Overall, the new update had several new fixes, features and organization tactics. It makes the user experience a bit better, but it is nothing mind-blowing as all the small features accomplish is make the phone more organized. Slowly, Android is stepping up in terms of the technological advancements. It is a nice addition and is a gateway for even more opportunities to grow their brand even more.