Ben & Jerry’s vs. Whip n’ Dip

Ben & Jerry's vs. Whip n' Dip

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Alexander Yagoda, Staff Writer

In the local area of Coral Gables and Miami, two ice cream shops have shown clear dominance in most others in popularity, these being the massive, multinational, Vermont-based ice cream chain Ben and Jerry’s and the friendly neighborhood ice cream parlor Whip n’ Dip. This article will be comparing them on the points of worth, quality, service, variety, and overall experience, where the store that takes the majority shall be crowned the winner.

Whip n’ Dip

Our Rating: A-

To begin, there is the point of worth, or simply if the quality is properly proportional to the cost. In the case of this, Whip n’ Dip is the clear victor. At a similar taste on comparable flavors, they are equal, but Ben and Jerry’s exorbitant costs nearing four dollars for a four-ounce kid’s cup compared to the same size for half the price at Whip n’ Dip gives the clear win to Whip. (Whip n’ Dip: 1, Ben and Jerry’s: 0)

“Whip n’ Dip has always been my go-to place, not only because of how good it is but also because it’s so cheap compared to other places like Ben and Jerry’s,” freshman Mindy Miranda said.

Ben and Jerry’s

Toby Talbot
Co-owners of Ben & Jerry’s, Ben and Jerry.

Our Rating: B+

Second, there is the issue of quality. Ben and Jerry’s claims to be of the highest quality, using only the finest non-GMO ingredients and not using milk from cows treated with rBST (Bovine somatotropin) , Ben and Jerry’s takes this point (although GMOs are more than often equally or more healthy and cheaper than their “organic” counterparts and milk from cows treated with rBST has been shown to not contain any significant differences between milk from untreated cows). (Whip n’ Dip: 1, Ben and Jerry’s: 1)

Third, there is service. The face that greets you at the door and prepares your scoop is an important factor in your ice cream eating experience. A polite and kind worker can make someone’s day, but a rude one might ruin it. As Ben and Jerry’s trains its employees to be extra perky and kind, they once again take this point over Whip n’ Dip, whose employees are sometimes noticeably frustrated with customers or long lines. (Whip n’ Dip: 1, Ben and Jerry’s: 2

Fourth, there is variety. Ben and Jerry’s with its dozens of flavors that are constantly updated blows away the Whip, which only carries about ten flavors at a time. Not only does Ben and Jerry’s carry over twenty flavors at a time, many of their flavors are those that have been submitted and tested by fans of the chain, keeping the flow of positive flavors from the community flowing. (Whip n’ Dip: 1, Ben and Jerry’s: 3)



Finally, there is the overall experience of your visit to the ice cream shop, be it for a sit down treat or a grab and dash splurge. In either case, Whip n’ Dip wins. Ben and Jerry’s may be cool, but its cheerfully painted walls and chilly interior are no match for Whip n’ Dip’s fish tank, mirror full of local advertisements and the perpetually open doors. In addition, the location of Whip n’ Dip, close as it is to Sunset Place makes it more accessible for a quick trip on your way to somewhere is a sharp contrast to the location of Ben and Jerry’s in what tend to be places one would only go to for a  specific purpose, for a sit-down meal or a business meeting. In any case, Whip n’ Dip most likely will provide the better overall experience. This being the most important of all the criterion, it is weighted three points. (Whip n’ Dip 4, Ben and Jerry’s: 3)

CBS Miami
The long line of customers awaiting a taste of ice cream display the prominence of the ice cream shop.

Based on this analysis of the two local competitors, it can be concluded once and for all that Whip n’ Dip is superior to Ben and Jerry’s. But that’s just facts, as everyone has their own personal preferences, which likely can’t be altered by an article on a high school’s online magazine.